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On Wednesday night my manager/friend/sister Nikki and I did the most New York thing ever. We attended a fencing match between Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima and world champion fencer Miles Chamley-Watson that took place in a warehouse where Questlove was the DJ.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first black Muslim woman to compete and place in the Olympics in fencing for the United States wearing a hijab.  Pictures don’t do her justice.  She is stunning in person, and was very warm and loquacious about how refreshing and empowering it is to see hijab’s in mainstream media and advertising.

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We watched two additional fencing bouts.  The first was Daryl Homer (Team USA – 2x Olympian, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2015 World Championship Silver Medalist) VS. Boladé Apithy (Team France – Olympian, 2011 & 2012 European Championship Silver Medalist).  The second was Miles Chamley-Watson (Team USA – 2013 World Champion, 2x Olympian and 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist) VS. Renal Ganeyev (Team Russia – 2x Olympian, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2015 World Championship Silver Medalist).  We had literally no idea how they were scored, but it was thrilling to be so close to actual fencing, in person, between Olympians.

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I will go almost anywhere if there is an open bar and great food, and this event had both. I live for a good hors d’oeuvre. In fact I am thrilled that no one is ever paying attention to the way I stalk the trays that have the good shit. Our favorite hors d’oeuvre of the evening was a crepe stuffed with crab meat. We are all about #boozefoodandmusic, so the fact that the music was everything was just an added bonus. The night’s sponsor was Corkcicle, which is why I woke up with a really cute hangover the next day. This company makes really cool drink ware (tumblers, canteens, bottle cap removers, etc.) and we received a complimentary one for our drinks at the aforementioned open bar.  I didn’t realize how big the canteen was so those gin and tonics really added up.

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A lot of the events I go to are pretty stuffy. People are just standing around trying to be seen, or experiencing the event from behind their phones. This was not one of those events. This was a night for the books. Once Questlove started playing the good shit, Nikki and I got the party started on the dance floor. We literally danced all night, and went home buzzed with sore feet, but it was well worth it.  I have also decided that I now want a wedding just so Questlove can be my DJ.  I don’t care about anything else.  We can blow the whole budget just paying his fee.

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