Since I began on this journey to find my way into fashion I have been compared to quite a few women.  Of course moving from Atlanta to Brooklyn, New York I get “oh so you’re like ‘A Belle in Brooklyn.’  When I did a brief stint as a fashion stylist I constantly heard: oh you must want to be the next June Ambrose, but the most frequent comparison has been to the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.  The Sex and the City character that stole our hearts years ago with tales of love, sex, and fashion.  While I will agree that there are some parallels betwixt the lives of Ms. Bradshaw and myself I want it to be known that my life differs dramatically from that of hers albeit fictional.

I fully appreciate the comparisons to such dynamic women, but it is not now nor has it ever been my goal to be the next anyone.  However, it is my perpetual goal everyday of my life to be the best me.  The one and only me.  In the words of Rousseau: I venture to believe that I am not made like any of those who are in existence.  If I am not better, at least I am different.
I moved to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and to pursue a career as a fashion journalist.  Sound familiar right?  Well the differences lie here.  First, I do not own an extensive collection of designer clothes and shoes.  I am a college student (for the second time) a blogger, and an intern at a high end designer showroom.  That a huge budget does not make.  Second, only very lucky or wealthy people own a fabulous one bedroom apartment in Manhattan.  I live in the culturally diverse borough of Brooklyn.  Lastly, I have no exciting tales of dating in New York, but maybe that will change soon who knows?  Carrie and I are both in pursuit of love and fashion, but our struggles are vastly different.
So if you are to read this you will get a real account of what it is like to move from your hometown to the busy city that never sleeps.  Everyone on social media is so “rich and fabulous” particularly those in fashion.  The truth is I’m not, not yet at least.  So this is my way of telling the real story of moving to New York to pursue fashion when you don’t have the privilege of living as if money is no object and you have to make your own connections.

There is a love story between New York and fashion, this is mine.