The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) announced that Rihanna is the recipient of the 2014 Fashion Icon of the Year award.  Whether you agree with her choice of style or not there is no denying the impact she’s had on the fashion world over the course of her career, especially when she began to embrace and promote her bad girl image.  In addition to being a front row fixture this past Paris Fashion Week, she is also the current face of Paris fashion house Balmain and has tried her hand at fashion design when she created two collections for River Island.  Did I mention her highly coveted MAC collection this year?  Let’s also get into the fact that she is on the cover of Vogue, for the third time.

To be honest, her looks are hit or miss with me, but a consistently well dressed person does not a fashion icon make.  It is her willingness to take fashion risks without them looking contrived that sets her apart from her peers.  To be an icon one must not only take the risks, they have to look convincing and build a brand around their style choices.  It’s not always about making the best dressed list, it’s about making a significant mark in fashion, and there is no denying that she as well as past recipients like Lady Gaga and Iman have done just that.