Last night’s 2017 Golden Globes awards were amazing, because two of my faves were deservedly honored. Atlanta won for Best Television Series Musical or Comedy, and Donald Glover (the show’s creator) won Best Performance By An An Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy. Not bad for the show’s first season. Moonlight won Best Motion Picture Drama and I cannot begin to tell you how happy this made me. Neither Atlanta nor Moonlight exploited black pain, or black violence, or black sexuality, yet they still managed to tackle some very tough issues that we as black people prefer to sweep under the rug. This proves that it is possible to create black art without exploiting the black experience. Who knew?

The first highlight of the evening was Donald Glover thanking Migos, who made a cameo on Atlanta. He didn’t thank them for appearing on the show, or for the award, but for making the song “Bad and Boujee,” which, let’s be honest deserved to be acknowledged.

The second highlight of the evening was Meryl Streep for doing what I hope to see everyone do for the next four years, shade the hell out of President-Elect Trump. Additionally, I love her for calling journalists to task in an era where journalism seems to be losing its integrity. Viola Davis’ speech honoring Meryl Streep’s work was such an emotional experience. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if she was going to read her, or honor her, and she did a bit of both while also being very much the successful auntie we all imagine her to be. Question though: are you guys out here putting barbecue sauce in your collard greens? If so, why?

Now to the fun part. The red carpet. Let’s jump right in.

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Tracee Ellis Ross continues to be the best person ever.  She was finally awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical.  This award was long overdue not only because Tracee Ellis Ross is the shit on all fronts, but because the last time a black woman won this award was Debbie Allen in 1983.  I was absolutely in love with this ethereal, regal Zuhair Murad (who is always a red carpet favorite) dress.  Her hair was perfect.  Her makeup was perfect.  Her shoe choice…dare I say it?  Perfect!  I would’ve liked to have seen a a stud earring at the least, but she made up for it with all the hand eye candy. “This is for all the women—women of color and colorful people—whose stories, ideas and thoughts are not always considered worthy, important and valid. I see you. We see you,” Ross said in her acceptance speech. We see you too!


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If you guys don’t know by now, please know that I live for a perfectly tailored pantsuit on a woman. Evan Rachel Wood channeled Marlene Dietrich in this Altuzarra custom tuxedo, and I lived! It was very clearly menswear inspired, but the tie kneck blouse added just the right amount of femininity.


I find Ruth Negga to be so captivating. It always excites me to see black women become the fashion darling, and that she is in this metallic Louis Vuitton number. My friend and I disagree about her hair, but I love it!


Kristen Bell killed this low cut black sequined gown by Jenny Packham. Also, quietly living for the fact that she proudly admitted to wearing a butt pad LOL! The accessories here are flawless. Not too much, not too little.

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I am super late to the Jane the Virgin party, but that show is so damn entertaining and culturally unapologetic. The leading lady Gina Rodriguez slayed this look. I mean talk about pretty. This is a really hard dress to pull off. Whenever there is a fringe effect involved, you can come off looking much bigger than you are, but she totally pulled this Naeem Khan halter dress off.


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I love bright colors on dark skin, so that in and of itself is why Viola Davis stole my heart in this yellow Michael Kors gown. He tends to create a nice red carpet dress; although I maintain that I will not be caught dead in a MK logo bag. It’s interesting that she paired with white accessories, but I don’t hate it.

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I adore Kerry Washington as a person (based on what I can gather from having never met her). It’s amazing to me that she can have such presence in pop culture, yet maintain privacy and mystery with her personal life. But I have to be honest, she is very hit or miss for me on the red carpet. I genuinely couldn’t say yay or nay to this look initially. The Dolce and Gabbana dress alone is very ornate and embellished, so is it competing with or complimenting her plum lip? Now that I see it from this angle, I can see that it brings out the hip sash. What threw this off for me is the awkward length of the dress, and the shoe. I want the dress to either be longer, or shorter. But the ankle-skimming length is questionable.

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Dude what the hell is with Sienna Miller and this high school cheerleader ponytail and ribbon? Then this “playing dress up” pearl necklace. I can’t with this. The dress is fine I suppose, but accessories and hair are a big what the hell?


Nicole Kidman. Why? She looks like a cardboard cut out of herself.


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Zoe Saldana. Nope.