The great minds of our society have developed some amazing things yet, the well-endowed women of the world still struggle to find good bras.  For the love of God they’ve created magnetic eyelash extensions, but I still can’t find a bra in my size that will enable me to wear a backless dress.  Priorities people!  Don’t even get me started on the designers who are committed to creating things that can only be worn if you’re willing to free the nipple.  Why is every top and dress backless?  Why?  Because the fight to find great bras continues, a lot of women ask me where I shop.  I stick to a select few brands, because my bra size is so random and uncommon, but I wanted to venture out and try some new ones to tell people about.

I had been hearing about ThirdLove bras for a little over a year now, so I was thrilled when I learned they actually carry my bra size.  As an added bonus they also have nude colors in a variety of skin tones.  There are a few companies that have caught on to the fact that nude is not the same for everyone, but most of those companies only go up to a DD at the largest.  ThirdLove bras go up to a 46H!!!  Insert praise dance here.  It was great to finally be able to wear one of my favorite shirts without having to layer a tank underneath.  This is one of the many reasons why a selection of nude colors is so important.  An actual flesh toned bra enables you to wear things you otherwise couldn’t without looking like you just gave up.

I tried out the 24/7 Classic Full Coverage Bra in the Naked-4 shade in a size 34G.  I arrived at this style via the Fit Finder quiz, which takes into account that not all boobs are created equal.  Breasts come in different sizes and shapes; therefore, our support and coverage needs vary.  While I find the quiz very inclusive, and helpful, I would still recommend getting sized by someone in person at a lingerie section in a department store.  I strongly recommend against getting sized at Victoria’s Secret.  I’m convinced their sizing is unique to their bras only.  The Fit Finder Quiz is useful for finding which ThirdLove bra will be best for you according to your specific needs, but it’s not going to tell you your size if you don’t know it.  To get the most out of the bra, you need to know your actual current size, but more on that later.

First off, this bra is so insanely soft.  A great fabrication makes a huge difference in basically anything that touches your body.  The color is a beautiful, rich shade of brown, so first impressions were good.  I even liked the box it came in.

I tried this bra out for about a week, and concluded that I should probably have gotten a 36G, as I have been eating like a monster, and need to get resized.  But even with that being said, I still found the bra really comfy.  If you experience something similar, as certain brands fit differently, not to worry, the company is really good about helping you find your perfect fit with the Try Before You Buy option.   I love that you get to give it a good test drive before committing to buy.  Hell, they even let you wash it before sending it back if you so choose.

This bra is not cheap ($68) but I have yet to come across a bra in my size for less than $50 full price, so $68 is pretty standard.  ThirdLove also has bra wardrobe options that allow you to save a little cash when you buy multiple bras in a bundle, and buy more save more promotions.  They make a real effort to make bra shopping as affordable as possible, but good bras are more than worth the investment.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a good look torn down in the prime of its life by bad undergarments.  You know that whole four boob thing?  Don’t be one of those people.

So there you have it.  ThirdLove gets the Not Carrie Bradshaw seal of approval.