There are a few cliche statements that apply here:

  1. Everything happens for a reason.  There are no mistakes in life.
  2. It’s always darkest before the dawn.
  3. Sometimes the worse things in life end up being the best things in life.

So with all of that being said there are some very valuable lessons to be learned from this entire experience.

  1. When you interview for a company, you should be interviewing them as well to see if you are a good fit for their company culture.
  2. Don’t trust women with bad hair or bad shoes.  They clearly don’t care about themselves and they definitely don’t care about you.
  3. Keep a paper trail, and over communicate.  Cover your own ass at all costs.  Make sure you can prove your efforts at your job, and any feedback you receive good or bad.
  4. Come in early and stay late.
  5. Don’t ever kiki at work.  No matter what a co worker tells you, anything you say/ask can and will be used against you in an effort to save their own ass.
  6. If you want to work in fashion try your hand at a bunch of things until you find your niche.  Many success stories in fashion are from people who started in one area and landed in a completely different one.
  7. Keep multiple streams of income.  You always need back up money.  Mine is freelance writing.
  8. Keep the contact information for a temp service on deck.  If you ever fall on hard times they will find work for you until you get something permanent.
  9. Sometimes it’s better to bow out gracefully than to be kicked out on your ass.
  10. Don’t panic (Amber Rose voice).  You will be fine.  There will be times when you feel that life is constantly kicking you in the balls and you don’t know why.  But trust you will be ok, and you will come out stronger.