I randomly discovered the icon that is Iris Apfel a few years ago.  Her eye catching style is only one of the many reasons why I think she’s the shit.  This 93-year-old woman is by far one of the coolest people I have made my best friend in my mind.  Her interview with further solidified my admiration for her.


She doesn’t take herself or fashion too seriously, and I truly love her views on style.  Often times people ask me what they should wear here or there, and I tell them all the time: it’s not that serious.  Just look put together and polished.  You’re not Beyonce and no one expects for you to be red carpet ready everyday.  I maintain my stance that if my lifestyle provided for it, I would be impaccably dressed everyday, but most of our lives don’t lend themselves to wearing six inch heels to trek through life especially when you live in New York.  Imagine how much it blessed my spirit when I read this quote: “Some women I feel sorry for because they look at the glossies and they see these divine-looking models who are maybe 16 with gorgeous complexions (and retouched!). How could anybody possibly even think of looking like that? Why the heck would you want to? You have to be you! What looks wonderful on somebody else may look ghastly on you. You can’t expect to look like Angelina Jolie.”

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