IMG_0772Photo: Mackenzie Amanda
Am I the only person who has hella friends with graphic apparel companies? I always want to show support, but in a way that fits my personal style. Sure you can throw on a graphic tee, a pair of jeans, and a sneaker in a matching color way, but that’s not really my jam. I like the challenge of elevating an otherwise mundane garment, so I took a stab at it with this Fashion Pow Wow graphic tee.

IMG_0770Photo: Mackenzie Amanda

I paired the tee shirt with this obnoxiously girly skirt that I bought from H&M about a year or so ago. I fell in love with the color, silhouette, and detailing and snatched it up immediately. The femininity of the skirt balances out the casual look of the shirt, and the shirt helps to make the skirt more wearable.  Brightly colored voluminous pieces can come off looking costumey, so it’s nice to balance it out with something less dressy.   The same principal is used to take a look from the runway to the street.

IMG_0776Photo: Mackenzie Amanda

Next is accessories. Say you want to do jeans and heels with a graphic tee in lieu of the skirt. Well you’ll need light accessories so that it doesn’t look like you’re taking a walk of shame after a long night of poor decision making. I didn’t do as much chunky jewelry here since the skirt is the real focal point, and there’s no need to overwhelm the eyes. Also, I don’t live my fashion life according to seasons with regard to how old or new something is. My mom bought me these Steve Madden sandals in 2014 as a part of my present for graduating from FIT. We all love to pop tags, but if there’s something I really like, I don’t get rid of it for a while, and I just love these shoes. The colors and exaggerated floral pattern are just so whimsical. I’ll probably never get rid of these.

IMG_0775Photo: Mackenzie Amanda
A light denim jacket is a wardrobe staple. I realize that it is suddenly hot as blazes outside, but the trains and office buildings are always freezing from the AC so I keep a light jacket in my bag at all times.
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