I am so elated at the news that Gucci Mane and his fiancé Keyshia Ka’oir are finally getting their own show.  As a long standing fan of Gucci, save for that year or so wherein he dissed everyone he could think of, inclusive of my one and only Nicki, this is a long time coming.  The show will reportedly follow the months leading up to their highly anticipated wedding day 10/17/17, because, of course.  I have such high hopes for what we will see during the show.

First and foremost I am hoping to see a lot of dope cameos, including a reconciliation betwixt Gucci and Wacka.  I need them to be on good terms for the culture.  Surprisingly, I’m looking forward to Keyshia’s looks.  I never fully understand them, but they are fun to look at nonetheless.  According to all of the island gyals I know, that’s just how Jamaican girls dress.  Very dance hall, colorful, and over the top.  I’m on pins and needles just thinking what her dress will look like for the wedding.  Will it even be a dress?  Who knows?!  I’m thinking we’ll get an MTV Cribs style look at both of their closets.  I truly live for Gucci’s style.  It’s a chicer version of hood rich fashions, i.e. heavy on the designer labels and very flashy.

As an aside, it’s interesting  frustrating to me when fashion magazines pick up on rappers like Gucci’s, sartorial tastes and discuss them in this surprising way.  Fashion is a huge part of Black culture.  The street dudes who have an eye for fashion are always taste makers.  They have the cash (by whatever means) to afford high end designer digs, thereby creating these aspirational looks.  So it should never be a surprise when street rappers are well versed in terms of fashion.

My biggest hope here is that Keyshia will teach us how to flip a check.  I mean where is her New York Times Bestseller?!

Here’s my concern.  I am still scorned by the debacle that was The Game.  That show was just never the same after it went over to BET, so hopefully the good people over at Viacom step it up for the Wopster’s.  They are after all Atlanta royalty, and even more so since Tiny and T.I. are on the skids.  I want a Kardashian level budget.  I want A1 production quality.  I want Zayotven-produced transition music.  I expect to twerk a little before each commercial break, and if I don’t I will be at the Viacom offices with picket signs.