About Me

I moved to New York from my hometown, Atlanta, in 2012 with no place of my own to live, no job, less than $500 that my friends and family gave me, and an acceptance letter to the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew in my heart that New York is where I should be.  I have spent every day of my life since then trying to figure out where I belong in this city, in this industry, and in this world.  This is a grueling undertaking, but there are three things that have gotten me through some of my most difficult days thus far: comedy, fashion, and writing.  On this blog, you will get a bit of all three.  As a Wordsmith I will regale you with tales of my ridiculous life, lifting the veil of perfection that we mistakenly hide behind.  As a Fashion Storyteller, I’ll give you the tea on style (mine and everyone else’s).  Finally as a Social Enthusiast, we’ll exchange dialogue about what’s going on in the world.  You should know not to take much of anything I say too seriously, because I’m not a very serious person.  You should also know that the stories written here are completely true, I just have a weird, random life.  And lastly, you should know that although I am a single writer living in New York City, trying to find myself, I am not Carrie Bradshaw.  I’m Jessica.  Nice to meet you.