I’m not sure why, but I have intense writer’s block.  Maybe it’s the mounting anxiety from the social injustices promulgating from the White House, but I just haven’t been feeling like what I’m writing about is really important given what’s going on in the world.  But, in the name of consistency, and flexing my writing muscles as often as possible, I am giving you ten random thoughts I’ve had today.

I have a theory that the Kardashian/Jenner family has a secret vault of old issues of Essence, Ebony, and Jet magazines, and from there they draw inspiration for every look mainstream fashion media deems to be edgy and new.  I’m on to you.


Photo: Elle Magazine

Photo: Elle Magazine

There are few things more frightening to me than sitting next to a seemingly normal person on the train, only for them to start having an intense conversation…with their self.  No wonder the seat was empty.

I am 29 years old and I have never been pregnant.  Not even a little bit, so I have never had need of an abortion.  While I can’t say that’s the route I would take were I to ever find myself in an unplanned pregnancy, I fail to see how another woman’s abortion affects me.  Like, at all.  I cannot understand for the life of me (pun intended) why anyone, especially a woman, feels entitled to tell another woman what to do with her uterus.  I just…don’t get it.

I want so badly not to victim blame, but Keke Palmer, wtf are you talking about?

Chrisette Michele is terribly delusional to think that she of all people could have the ability to influence someone who is obviously stark raving mad to not be stark raving mad.  I don’t think she realizes how very little influence she has over even her own career.  So for her to think that she (by performing at the Inauguration) could be the catalyst for change is naïve and to quote the giant Cheeto, “sad.”

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Ain’t nobody said nothing, but doesn’t Kelly Ann Conway look just like the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt?  How do we get her birth certificate to assure us that she is of this time this world?  I’m not convinced.  How will we explain her to our children?

How do we get Marjorie Harvey to write her memoirs?  No one needs or wants Steve’s misogynistic advice.  Her story is the one that’s interesting.

The news is scary.  CNN is scary.  Is it better to just be unaware and in denial?

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I wonder how long the Obama’s will vacation for.  They honestly deserve a year to themselves to just chill, but I feel safer knowing they’re out fighting the good fight.

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The shade of Melania Trump being on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico is just…far more than I can take.  The horrible irony of this diamond-clad woman forking diamonds meant to look like pasta just takes me out.  This shit must be scripted.  I refuse to believe otherwise, but is anyone going to come out and yell CUT?!  Anyone?  Now would be a great time.


Photo: Vanity Fair

Photo: Vanity Fair