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We spoke a while ago about improving your at-home wardrobe in a way that makes sense here. The principal of practicality also works for loungewear.  The reason we basically live in leggings, yoga pants, and sweatpants these days is because they’re comfy and convenient.  You can binge watch your latest obsession from the comfort of your bed, and then run a quick errand without having to put together an ensemble.  Sure you look like you’ve been on a week-long bender, but at least you’re comfy, right?  Wrong.

If you cross the threshold of your door into the outside world, there’s a bit of an obligation to look more like a human person who can function in society. We all love a good pair of black leggings, but it doesn’t hurt to switch it up a bit from time to time.  For this reason, loungewear that can go from night to day is a plus!

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Enter Saxy’s transitional sleepwear. I spent a day or so lounging around watching The Handmaid’s Tale in this uber comfy, soft tuxedo-esque two piece set.  The emotional toll that show took on me is why I had to run out to grab more carbs, and I did so without missing a beat.  I can’t tell you how pleasant it is to literally go outside in your pajamas without looking like Bernadette from Waiting to Exhale.

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I love, love, love the neckline. It’s just sexy enough to wear for a Netflix and chill night with bae, but not so sexy that you look like a street walker if you have to run a quick errand or two outside the house.  Shop the look at Saxy’s online store and enter my promo code: NotCarrieB  at checkout for 15% off and free shipping.

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About These Shoes:

I struggle to find footwear that is both cute and practical every year around this time. I hate plain ballet flats, and I’m so hard on shoes that whatever flats I buy at the beginning of the season are basically busted before the end of the season.  But these are perfect.  The sole is so heavy and thick that I can’t ruin them, and they make me think of 90’s R&B videos, when platform Sketchers were all the rage.  Shouts out to Maya.  If you’re looking to elevate your casual shoe options, consider something in a metallic.  They’re a great option for elevating casual looks.  You can find a similar option at H&M or Zara.

The other sneakers pictured are from Zara.  They look like a Chanel suit, and remind me of something Nanny Fine’s grandmother would’ve worn.  They’re just tacky enough to be fun, and had been sold out online for a while.  But the Lord smiled down on me this past week, and there were two pairs left in the store.

This jacket is about three years old from Forever 21.  I bought it at a store closing sale for $12.  I throw it on whenever I want to feel sporty, even though I haven’t seen a gym in about two weeks.  I’m lying.  It’s been three weeks.  Find something similar here.

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