Most days I get this overwhelming feeling of joy and pride in knowing that I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals.  It often hits me when I’m walking towards Times Square to catch the train to class that I am actually a fashion student and intern living in New York.  That realization gives me the second wind to make it through class successfully after a long day of thankless, pay-less work.  Today wasn’t one of those days.  Today I had a case of the mean reds.  If you are unfamiliar with Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’m sure that reference is lost on you.  The mean reds are days that are worse than having the blues.  It’s another way of saying: I’m really going through it today.

The day started normal enough.  Spottieottiedopalicious blared from my iPad to wake me up at 6:15 am so that I could put the finishing touches on my press release assignment for class.  As the sunlight started to slowly fill my room I got up from my bed desk and got ready to take on the day.  Well I put on this really cute black midi dress with sheer sleeves and my black suede ankle boots with the practical heel (of course my 4 inch stiletto booties are comfortably nestled in my bag).  With fresh hair and makeup done to my satisfaction I head outside down my stoop only to realize that it’s snowing.
So I hustle to the train so as to protect my freshly pressed edges and I look down and realize that I forgot to shave my legs.  At this point I can’t turn back and go home to do it, because I took extra time prepping my lunch and snacks for the day, and my train has just arrived.  Now just as an aside let me tell you that the G train has no respect for you, your time, your edges, or your appointments.  It truly comes smooth whenever the eff it wants to, so if you are lucky enough to catch it right when you get to the platform you take it.  
I arrive at my internship with minutes to spare so I sit down to eat my breakfast, and as soon as I start I am given a project that will literally take all day for me to complete.  I don’t mind being busy at all, because it makes the day go by faster.  What I do mind is being given a project that takes all day to do and then being asked five minutes before it’s time for me to leave to run all the way uptown to run an errand which then made me 30 minutes late to class.
I am hustling down Madison Avenue looking like the bag lady trying to make it to the school library to print the aforementioned press release for class.  I figured well I’m already late, I may as well be late and prepared, and wouldn’t you know that the entrance to the library is closed because there’s some sort of an event going on.  
So I head in to class empty handed and my professor doesn’t make a fuss about it.  Finally a break, right? no.  All of a sudden mother nature rears her ugly head and I take a swan dive into my emotions.  Finally I get home ready to eat and wash this questionable day off and rest, and guess what?  My hot water isn’t working.
So at the close of this very crappy Monday I sit in my bed and I realize that this is me in the midst of my fashion dreams.  Financially struggling, single and alone (because one doesn’t always equal the other) living the fashion intern life.  This is what I wanted so I won’t complain, but tomorrow simply has to be better.