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I mean, need I say more?


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Andre 3000 is doing a collaboration with shoe company Tretorn.  I want some in advance.


Andre 3000 became an esoteric figure in the world of hip hop following the release of “The Love Below.”  For that reason, it remains a treat to hear a surprise Andre 3000 verse on a track, and hearing that he’ s still got it, whether he knows that or not.  GQ writer Will Welch wrote a great interview wherein we learn much more about the rarely seen or heard from rap icon.  I fully enjoyed reading the props he gave to Big Boi, who is one of the most underrated rappers in my opinion. Read the piece here.


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Much like Andre 3000, Sade is adored by many music lovers in spite of and because of her silence throughout the years.  There’s something alluring about the unknown and under exposed. Rarely heard from, or even seen, she remains an icon in fashion and music.  If a girl wears slick backed hair, big hoop earrings, and a red lip, the look immediately calls to mind Sade.  In his piece, “Sade’s Quiet Storm of Cool,” New York Times writer Jacob Bernstein attempts to assess how someone so shrouded in mystery is so loved, and so cool.  Read it here.




People have been raving about Stranger Things since it’s Netflix premier in July 2016. I finally felt inclined to give it a try this past weekend. I finished season 1, and am almost through season 2. The show centers around a small town in Indiana in the 80’s.  A kid goes missing under mysterious, supernatural, otherworldly circumstances, and his family and gang of misfit friends (every 80’s movie has a gang of misfits) go on a journey to find him.  Meanwhile, an odd girl shows up with telekinetic powers, and what I still consider to be a banging ass haircut, and helps find the missing boy.  Hijinks and weird shit ensues to the beat of pop songs from the 80’s.  If you feel nostalgic for movies and television from the Regan years, definitely give this one a go.  Also, check out one of the stars Milly Bobby Brown (who is becoming quite the fashion darling) rapping a recap of the first season here.