Kellan Lutz_FSF Awards DinnerPhoto: Lyn Hughes Photography

We kicked off our first red carpet event of the year at the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund’s 80th Annual Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship Awards Dinner. The event took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel, where guests celebrated the 2017 Fashion Scholarship Fund class, and nearly $1.5 million in scholarships were awarded throughout the evening.

Fern Mallis_Michael Strahan_FSF Awards DinnerPhoto:Lyn Hughes Photography

This is one of the many functions held to honor, encourage, and facilitate young talent in the fashion industry.  Former NFL player, current Good Morning America host, and fashion entrepreneur Michael Strahan was among three honorees who were recognized for their contributions to the industry.  I would’ve loved to have gotten his thoughts on some things, but his team was adamant that he was only allowed to speak with pre-approved media outlets.  In spite of the very obvious fame of this site (I say that with heavy sarcasm and a hopeful heart) we were not allowed to speak with Mr. Strahan, but he looked nice (Stevie J. voice).

We were, however, able to speak with Geoffrey Beene’s newly appointed Brand Ambassador, Kellan Lutz.  Many of you very kindly commented on how nice I looked, but were clearly very overwhelmed by how fine the Twilight actor is, and understandably so.  I cannot emphasize enough how kind and personable he was.  As obvious Twilight fans crowded the designated press spot on the red carpet snapping photos and videos, he made sure to give every writer/reporter ample time and attention.

Lutz spoke very highly of his former cast members, and after reporters were instructed to stick to questions about the event, he went on to say how important charity is today, and why he jumped at the opportunity to represent Geoffrey Beene, adding that cancer has so strongly affected his life after losing an uncle and a grandmother to the disease. Working with a company that gives so much to helping those in need was the catalyst.

What is your favorite fashion moment thus far in your career?

KL: I would have to say being friends with Roberto Cavalli and having him design my suit for Breaking Dawn, the second part of Breaking Dawn.  Roberto Cavalli, he’s so legendary, and having me as a guest on his boat for like a week, that goes down in my memory book for life.

What role has fashion or style played in your career?

KL: You know I never finished college, and I always had an interest in fashion.  I started my clothing line about five years ago, and it’s just been such an epic learning environment to be a part of.  Especially with the different fashion weeks.  It’s just the best education.

Do you feel like people have taken you under their wing?

KL: I really do.  I’ve had very good mentors.  Roberto Cavalli, Joseph Abboud, those are like the main ones.  Then some people in the press as well, and like PR firms.  I’ve definitely had great people in my corner.  You know as my life continues and with my clothing line, you know if I want to start another one in a different kind of environment, I would have people to go to.  So it’s really been, I’m really lucky.  I’m really blessed.

Dude, I am trying to have friends like Roberto Cavalli.  I want to hang out on a yacht, and learn more fashion.  Where does one sign up?