Photo Nov 22, 2 55 15 PM

I own three black turtlenecks in varying materials and lengths, but I am in love with this sheer bodysuit turtleneck that’s a sexy spin on an old classic.  You can purchase it on the Tobi site here.  I want to wear this thing with everything, but I settled on just two looks for this post.  

Photo Nov 22, 3 12 02 PM

For look 1, I paired the bodysuit with a pair of high waist, wide leg pants from Zara.  Find them here.  These pants have no pockets, no belt loops, and the zipper is on the side, so there’s minimal bulking.  Also, I hate it when pants are stretching to survive across my hips, so I purchased these two sizes too big, so I could get them altered down to an ideal fit.  I also don’t believe in allowing your pants to drag on the ground, so I got them hemmed.  A good tailor should be in your arsenal right along with your waxer, hair stylist, and gynecologist.  I added the belt just for additional texture and color.  I bought this belt from BCBG about ten years ago, but they always have bomb ass belts.  I swear by them.

Photo Nov 24, 2 10 26 PM

For look 2, I was feeling very 90’s Toni Braxton, so I paired the bodysuit with my favorite jeans, and heels. If you want to be more demure, you can absolutely use this as a layering piece under a sleeveless dress.

Photo Nov 24, 2 10 23 PM

Photo Nov 22, 3 19 53 PM