Sooooo, has anyone caught a glimpse of Michelle Williams’ Instagram lately (the Black one, formerly of Destiny’s Child)?  No?  You didn’t even know she had one?  Well you’ve been missing out, because the girl who was once the subject of #poormichelle is having a fashion glow up like no other.  Out of nowhere she appeared on the scene giving you looks, hair, waistline, and poise.  And these aren’t your run of the mill Fashion Nova, House of CB ensembles.  Her looks make a bold statement with different colors, patterns, textures, and volumes.

This in large part due to the work of one J. Brolin, her stylist.  However, everyone can’t pull off a look, so we have to shout out Michelle for her ability to use fashion to assert her presence in the zeitgeist.  One could argue that she was always the more conservative member of the trio.  After the group split and each woman went on to pursue her own career, Michelle didn’t make a lot of noise mainstream.  Then again, it’s difficult to make much noise when you are compared to your former group member who just so happens to be the biggest star in the world (don’t argue this point with me).

It warms my heart to her fashion game come so strong. It’s always dope to see people make fashion really work for them, instead of the other way around. I gather from one of her recent posts that she’s fresh off of a breakup, and there is no revenge better than looking good. I’m hoping this glow up is a part of something major she’s working on.  In that same post she mentioned that she’s studying for something.  Could it be for an acting role?  Either way, keep the good looks coming.