Lorde, the 17 year old Grammy award winning singer from New Zeland is set to release a collection for MAC on June 5th.  Thus far the collection includes a lipstick in a deep plum color called “Pure Heroine” (the title of her debut album) and a Penultimate eye liner in Rapidblack.  Synergy between the artist and the cosmetics retailer is apparent given that Lorde is known for her vampy looks and makeup colors, and MAC enthusiasts rely on them for fashion forward products.
Here’s Tea Though: Months ago MAC put out a very similar limited edition lip color called “Heroine.”  A similar color with a very similar name that has been paired with one other product does not a collection make.  Why not skip the limited edition release of “Heroine” and just give us this new one in June?  I am a fan of MAC, especially their lip colors, but it really burns my chops for them to offer us these identical products tagging on a celebrity endorser and calling it a collection.  I’m not sure who should feel more tried: MAC customers or Lorde.