Ok ok I don’t want you guys to think this is a “whoa is me my life in New York is so tragic and hard” ranting and crying place.  My blog serves two purposes.  One is to post the fashion and style that I like and talk about it.  The second is to show people that life in New York is not what Carrie Bradshaw made us think it was.  Hence, the name.  You get it now, right?  I heard someone sum the New York experience up in this phrase: New York is like being in an abusive relationship with a really cool guy.  Obligatory disclaimer: I do not support domestic violence.  It’s just a metaphor so relax.  Or is it a simile?  Either way relax.  I hope to inspire another person to go after their dreams, but I want them to know that it will not be easy.  However, for every struggle, your success will be ten times greater.  If it helps you to read about my awkward weird obstacles to get you to go for what you want, then hey I’ll put myself out there to push you.  I can take the judgement…sometimes…in the privacy of my home I may feel a way though.

My life much like everyone else’s is a series of ups and downs.  No matter how bad things may get, they are only temporary and I will literally always end up better on the other side of things.  I’m ok.  I swear.  I was only able to write about the bad times because of my assurance that they won’t last.

So here are a few things that make New York amazing.

  1. Culture.  There is culture literally everywhere here.  From graffiti to street artists to the guy that posts up in the West 4th Street train station with a sign that reads: Give a Dollar Name a Subject Get a Poem.  Street musicians and performers are a constant inspiration to me.  They are not waiting for a grand stage or a record deal.  They play their instruments and the perform anywhere they can just to be heard or seen, and they make their own audience.  This gets weird when the person is horribly untalented though.
  2. Food.  There are an unusual number of great restaurants here.  I assume this is because there is so much competition and if your food sucks you won’t survive.
  3. Free Shit.  This city is freaking expensive and everyone knows it.  I imagine that’s why you can get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum by paying literally whatever you want to.  There are lots of cheap hang out spots everywhere in the city and Groupon is your friend no matter where you are.  My baby sis and I speculate that rent is so high to compensate for the fact that there is so much free and cheap shit here.
  4. You can be anything you want to be here.  If you have always wanted to be Batman then you can find a group of 20 other people that want to be the rest of the Super Friends and that can legit be your life.
  5. You will always be reminded that your life is not that bad.  You think you’re having a bad day because you forgot to put on rain boots and submerged your foot into 3 inches of dirty slush.  That is until you see the woman sitting in front of Starbucks with her 3 year old daughter begging for change.
  6. People will always be impressed with you.  It is easy to thrive in Atlanta where the air is clean, life is cheap, and you can have literally no credit or assets yet still manage to lease a Bentley.  Because everyone knows that New York is a tough city, expectations for you to succeed are pretty low.  They will be impressed with anything you do.  People are always like “what you take the subway all by yourself all the way to Brooklyn everyday?”  Umm yeah.
  7. The summers are worth the winters.  There is always a festival, day party, or cultural event going on.  You will find yourself just strolling through the city because the weather is nice.  That or you drank too much at a day party.
  8. Celebrities come here because everyone here is a celebrity in their own mind.  Everyone is doing something really cool and amazing and they don’t have time to gawk at Beyonce eating.  Wait, that’s a lie.  Everyone has time to stop and gawk at Beyonce eating.  But you get it.
  9. Opportunities are endless.  As long as you’re willing to put yourself out there you will stumble upon a great opportunity.  I met my editor at a shopping event.  Not knowing her influence, we chatted for a while.  She asked me what I wanted to do and let me know that she would reach out if she heard anything.  And whadda ya know she actually did.
  10. You will find your spirit animal here.  I have always felt like I didn’t belong.  Although my friends from home are the shiz and I love them immensely, they rarely agree with me or understand where I’m coming from.  People here just get it.  No one understands the shade of just missing your train like a new New Yorker.  I mean it is literally one of the worst feelings in life to have those doors close right in your face.  It’s like seeing your crush kiss your best friend.  That sinking feeling in your gut.  I’m being dramatic (big surprise there) but it blows.