“I know who I am. I love who I am. I like what I do, and I like how I do it. I like my mistakes and I like the pace at which I learn from my mistakes. I don’t want to be anybody else but me, and by knowing this, I want to continue figuring out who the f*ck I am.”

Zoe Saldana

I came across this quote via twitter and it really resonated with me.  Today I hit the pavement and went to Bloomingdale’s and Barney’s New York trying to pimp myself out to employers, but to no avail.  That’s the thing about applying for jobs online.  It takes away your ability to really sell yourself outside of your application.  So I figured I would go to the HR department after I submitted online applications, but didn’t get to speak with anyone.  I got to leave my resume with the concierge at Barney’s (she said with heavy sarcasm) but that was about it.

I treated myself to some Thai and a tasty crepe and headed home.  No sooner than I got in the house did a thunderstorm start, so I ate and took a great nap.  There’s something about when it rains here that makes me feel really lonely and super single.  I was almost relieved when I came across that quote, because it reminded me that that’s what I should be using this time for.  I keep thinking that I’m ready for a relationship, but I think I want to continue figuring out who the f*ck I am.  I’ve become almost frighteningly comfortable being alone, because of all the things I continue to learn about myself.  I can only hope that the person I’m supposed to be with will bring me out of that.

Use the “down time” in your life to get to know you and figure out who you are, because believe it or not you’re amazing.  The confidence that comes from being secure within yourself helps you not to settle for anything less than what you want in life as a whole.  The fear of being alone makes a lot of people settle for some unbelievable things, especially in relationships.  I’ve been there and it’s not fun.  Don’t be that person.