People often tell me that they don’t know how to dress.  I find that odd, because it doesn’t seem that hard to me, but that’s me speaking from my ivory tower.  Here’s a really easy way to figure it out.
  1. Take a real evaluation of what your body type is.
  2. Look for a celebrity or fashion icon whose style you like and that has the same build as you.
  3. Study their style.  Take note of what is flattering and unflattering on them.
  4. Act accordingly.

I find that this is the easiest way to evaluate whether or not you can pull off a certain look.  Although the key is being honest with yourself about your body type.  I find it so confusing when I see women with “muffin tops” and “is she pregnant or nah?” bodies shoved into these super tight body con dresses.  I wonder to myself how are they comfortable highlighting such an unflattering part of their body?  Especially when it can be easily hidden with a good pair of Spanx.  I say this as a curvy woman that has struggled and continues to struggle to lose weight.  There is no shame in wearing proper undergarments to hide unflattering features.  I am a firm believer that every look is not for every body.

Even if you’re opposed to wearing Spanx or some type of girdle that puts everything in its proper place, just stay away from looks that do you no favors.  For example, I love flowy maxi dresses, but if I wear one without cinching my waist in the form of a belt I will look pregnant.  This is just something that I have chosen to accept.

My go to fashion muse has been Kim Kardashian (go ahead and judge me).  While I will not pretend that my body is as sickeningly dope as hers, we have a similar height and build.  Therefore, if I see her do a look that makes her look short and pudgy I know it’s one that I too should stay away from.  Christina Hendricks and I have similar builds, but she is substantially taller than me; hence, I cannot take fashion cues from her.  This saves me time, money, and disappointment.

    This not only works for choosing looks that are appropriate for your body type, but also color pairing, and makeup tricks.  I’m brown skinned, so why would I look to a fairer skinned person for ideas on what colors I can pull off?  I look to Tika Sumpter for makeup inspiration, because she and I have similar skin tones.  If I for some reason am getting my makeup done professionally I save a picture of her on my phone with a beat that I like, which gives my artist a blueprint for what I want.  I do the same when I go into Sephora or Elf to shop for makeup.  I pull out my picture and I say this is what I’m going for.  It makes their job easier for you to come in with a realistic perception of yourself.

    So in conclusion, if you are completely clueless about what to wear, how to do your makeup, and what trends you should try out find someone with similar features (body type, skin tone, etc.) and follow their lead. You are not Rihanna and no one expects for you to be a fashion innovator so it’s perfectly fine to take cues from someone who has the time, money, and resources to experiment.  Learn from their mistakes and benefit from their victories.