So begins another day of me trying desperately to save myself and my job.

landscape_nrm_1423002533-hbz-0315-rihanna-01-indexPhoto: Harper’s Bazaar

I came in an hour early, as I had been doing for the past month and tried to prep for the day.  As soon as I logged in to my Outlook, my boss had sent me a series of emails “following up” on projects I had completed weeks ago, and asking me to complete others.  It suddenly dawned on me that I was being set up for failure, and she was building a case against me so that she could fire me,which is pretty much what she wanted to do at my 30 day review.  I gathered my things, sent her an email saying that I wasn’t feeling well, got the number for HR, and headed home.

hbz-0315-rihanna-04Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

I talked to HR and pretty much got a “well girl what do you want me to do about it?” response.  I took another sick day to really decide what my next move should be.  After much prayer, I decided that I would rather resign than be fired from anywhere.  The next morning I sent in my resignation.

gallery_nrm_1423083669-hbz-rihanna-swap-bordersPhoto: Harper’s Bazaar

My biggest fear wasn’t how I would eat or pay my rent, but how I would be disappointing my friends and family.  This was supposed to be THE job that would propel my fashion career forward, help me build my finances, and relinquish them of their financial responsibility for me.  How can I not just tough this out?  Am I really that weak?  Ultimately I decided that I have to do what is best for me and the love and support of my friends and family will always be there.  I walked away from that job knowing that I gave it my absolute best and that it just wasn’t good enough for them.  So there you have it.  I’m a quitter and I have no shame about that.