I think it is safe to say that the internet is saturated with fashion blogs. Many have declared that the age of the fashion blog is over, and I’m obviously biased but I don’t agree with that sentiment at all.  However, I think that readers are becoming more discerning about their tastes with regard to blogging.  Many feel inundated and that a lot of fashion blogs lack actual substance.  I can’t argue with readers on this.  I come across a number of things that leave me underwhelmed. 141   Ideally blogging should combine a passion for both fashion and writing, otherwise a blog cannot thrive.  People are under the impression that because they have style, they can automatically succeed at blogging.  It takes much more than a great sense of style to create compelling content for an audience.  Much like it takes more than style to be a great fashion designer or stylist.  You have to be able to think outside of yourself in order to satisfy an audience, consumers, or clients.  Your vision has to be greater than you and your talent has to exceed that of merely putting together a good look for yourself. 41398-Nicki-Minaj-shrug-gif-XjUl Not to crush anyone’s dreams here, but there are other talents that you have to develop outside of dressing yourself well in order to have a successful career in fashion on any level.  It’s a real industry, and you have to have the talent to make it.  I know this because I am on a constant path to do so myself.