I finally made my way to the Charles James exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  After paying only $1 to get in, my friend and I concluded that this is why we pay such high rent to live in this city.  You have access to so much culture and the possibilities to broaden your view of the world are endless here.  The Met is one of my favorite places in the world, that could be in part because I haven’t traveled much, but regardless I love that place.  There’s something surreal and a little eerie about being in a room with things that are thousands of years old.  Just going through the Greek sculptures, and the Egyptian artifacts makes you wonder what kind of mark you’re leaving while you’re here.

The Charles James exhibit was amazing, and he was an amazing designer.  My love of classic fashion was renewed and even more solidified by seeing his many creations, and knowing that many of them would still be relevant today on the red carpet.  I’m not sure if it’s fair to say that as a fashion designer he was ahead of his time, because I think that his work seems to have transcended time.

PS I know some of the pics are really dark, but they don’t allow flash photography in the exhibit.  I wonder why that is.  What is the flash going to do to the garments?  Anyway though, enjoy!