Sunday was a beautiful day in New York.  I decided that I should enjoy it by going for a run in Central Park.  I jogged around the reservoir whilst avoiding running into tourists taking selfies, although I’m sure there is a very nice Asian family with a blur of a black chick running through their family photo somewhere out there.  Anyway though, I remembered there being this really pretty angel statue at the foot of a huge set of stairs, so I ventured off to find it.  I think that stairs are the perfect workout.  I’m no fitness instructor, but I feel like you get cardio and a butt lift all in one, so I try to force myself to run stairs whenever I can.

As I’m walking I see about four or five different brides taking pictures in their white gowns.  Initially I was thinking “oh how nice for them,” and then I started thinking “ok it’s time for me to go.”  I’m just way too single to be in the midst of all that without feeling a way.  So I find the statue and the stairs, but they are full of spectators looking at street performers.  Clearly the second part of my workout is not going to happen so I go down to at least get a picture of the angel statue so this walk wasn’t a complete waste of time.  I have my earphones in blasting some sort of ratchet southern music so I can’t hear much of anything, but I somehow hear someone say “excuse me.” I turn around and there is a guy getting one knee to propose to his girlfriend and I was all in the way.  Embarrassed, I apologized and scooted out of the way as a homeless man laughed a toothless laugh at me while he put his feet in the fountain.  I concluded my work out for the day and went home, but anyway here’s a picture of what I now know to be called the Bethesda Fountain and some other random Central Park observations.

IMG_1235 IMG_1236 IMG_1239 IMG_1241 IMG_1289 IMG_1291