alexander wang

Alexander Wang refuses to sit down, and I am thrilled about it.  Following his highly coveted H&M collection, Wang is releasing a denim line slated to be sold online and in stores next week, and the ads are hot to say the least.  Of course “Clutch Your Pearls America” is in an uproar claiming that the pictures are too suggestive and misogynistic, to which I say leave us alone.  Fashion ads have always been provocative with strong sexual undertones and overt sexual images.  I don’t even see how/why the photos are offensive and I’m a woman.  But back to the denim.  Wang assures us that his black denim lasts eight weeks before fading, in comparison to the standard three weeks from other brands.  Denim is a difficult category to go into, because it is as American as Coca Cola and the flag, and therefore an old fashion concept.  Hence, this should be a great selling point for the collection, because as he stated: it’s a hard [category] to revolutionize.

aw 1

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I am quietly obsessed with Wang’s Pre Fall 2015 collection.  As you may or may not have read, I love minimalist glam.  This line executes that to perfection.  It is a happy medium between classic silhouettes and simple, clean, modern detailing.

Here are some of my favorite looks, but you can view the collection in its entirety here.

Alexander_Wang_02_1366 Alexander_Wang_05_1366 Alexander_Wang_06_1366 Alexander_Wang_10_1366 Alexander_Wang_12_1366 Alexander_Wang_14_1366 Alexander_Wang_17_1366 Alexander_Wang_18_1366 Alexander_Wang_19_1366 Alexander_Wang_20_1366

Alexander_Wang_22_1366 Alexander_Wang_23_1366