Following my sit com blind date, I headed home to do a new look for my bestie’s birthday party.  Of course she changed the time we were meeting up as she always does, so I took a little nap.  Before I do almost anything provided that there’s enough time, I will nap or eat.  Terrible I know, but I love both of those things passionately.


I headed out to the DL (again I know that’s a dreadful name for a venue but I promise it’s fun).  We went to the section and the turn up began.  My really good friend, we’ll call her Lindsay, came to partake in the fun as well.  As we danced to Trap Queen Lindsay spotted a guy from way across the room.  “I just spotted bae,” she said.  That’s our code for there’s a really cute guy that I’m choosing on who I hope chooses on me.  I looked briefly and agreed that he was definitely bae material and we agreed to do a lap around the party to see if he was interested.  However, we were having so much fun in the section that we never took that lap.  It wasn’t until the end of the night that we spotted her potential bae talking with some friends by the bar.  We did our usual huddle trying to decide what she should say to him.  A stroke of drunk genius came and I walked up to the group of guys and asked if they knew what time the party ends.  Let me just say this.  I am horrible at flirting especially if it’s a guy I’m interested in.  It is literally the only time I am socially awkward.  But I didn’t have a dog in this fight so there was no anxiety.  Lindsay then pulled me to the side to tell me that her potential bae was actually choosing on me and being the great friend she is she demanded that I talk to him.


Once I actually looked at him I realized this dude is fine.  Like strikingly fine.  Tall, handsome, charming with tattoos and nice shoes.  I was taken aback.  I gave hime my number, but had to quickly go tend to my drunk bestie as she was ready to go and blowing up my phone.  We left and headed to get post club food.  Lindsay and I have an unnatural addiction to Thai food so we headed to Qi and then home.  As I washed off my makeup and put in my flexi rods, I got a text from the guy asking if I made it home safely.  I blushed through our brief text convo and it ended with him telling me to call him the next day.


Sometimes life is fair and just as the universe gives you a weird blind date with Puck from the Real World, hours later you meet a really hot guy that you want to get to know.