The red carpet for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards was so underwhelming that it’s not even worth mentioning besides this sentence. The show itself was an emotional roller coaster, and I’m glad I stuck around for the awe inducing moments.  So let’s get started.


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Chance the Rapper continues to make us proud as the community Youth Pastor who sometimes curses. I genuinely teared up watching his performance, because you could really feel his passion for this. I’m not a part of Rap Genius twitter, so I’m not sure if anyone else has done this, but I find it so admirable that he earned two Grammy’s as an independent artist having never sold an album. Real talent will sell itself I suppose?


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Beyoncé performances are always such an experience for me. They always leave me feeling like I could, would, and should do more than what I’m doing. I find it equally troubling and hilarious the hatred she induces in some black men. Twitter was filled with black women celebrating her, and black men saying, “Eh she’s not that great.” I wonder why it’s so disturbing for some people to see her regarded as a Queen. I wonder if it’s because we’re just not used to seeing black women held on that high of a pedestal.


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Bruno Mars is everything we miss musically about the 90’s. As an aside, I am going to scour the internet looking for an exclusive write up on his skincare routine. My God his face is flawless. He did a great job with the Prince performance, but no one will ever be able to top Bilal’s tribute.


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I love Adele for her humility. She has that real, authentic humility. Not the fake scripted kind we see Taylor Swift mime every time she inexplicably wins an award. I realize performers are supposed to be perfect. I mean look at the level of perfection we’ve come to know, love, and expect from Beyoncé, but it was endearing to see her stop that performance and start over. I love that she is human, that she acted human, and the authenticity of that moment. I was not here for people slandering her for saying she appreciates how Beyoncé made her black friends feel. My goodness people. That album dared to sum up the totality of the black female experience, so naturally it would hit closer to home for actual black women. For Adele to acknowledge that, and give that point a moment I think was indicative of how aware she is of the fact that that album wasn’t for the consumption of white America.

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I never say that people don’t deserve things, because that’s just not my place (unless it’s Taylor Swift) so I won’t say Adele didn’t deserve the AOTY win, but I do know Beyoncé or Rihanna did. Anti didn’t get the accolades it deserved, and it is truly Rihanna’s best body of work to date. As an aside Rihanna drinking from a bedazzled flask in a formal setting is my life defined. With Lemonade Beyoncé made something so true and so reflective of the experience of being a woman, and a black woman at that, and it would have been amazing to see her rewarded for that. For singling us out, because no one ever does. This just goes to further prove that the only people who care about black women’s experiences, are black women.